Mistress's Slave Trader

'Trade your things'

Mistress is always needing jobs to be done, shopping to be bought for and with Her and so on.

Below are a list of vacancies which need to be filled - one offs are completely acceptable however some of the vacancies such as maid/butler will be preferred to be ongoing. In some cases I will expect a lower than usual tribute in others I may give My time and company and perhaps a flash of a session.


And of course I am an expert at just taking and leaving.

In contacting Mistress with whichever trade or offering you have I will decide what I can offer in return if there is something to be offered.

  • craftsman (carpentry/upholstery/general handyman)

  • painting slave

  • interior decorating slave

  • maids/butlers for cleaning

  • PR slave

  • lunching slaves in Paddington/Nott Hill

  • qualified masseuse slave 

  • spa slave

  • beauty salon slave

  • pedicure/manicure slave

  • chauffeurs/drivers

  • Grocery shopping slave -min £50

  • stocking shopping slave - min £50

  • shoe shopping slave - min £100

  • clothes shopping slave - min £100

  • fetish equipment shopping slave min £50

Applicants should contact Mistress via email via the contact page HERE

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