Lifestyle Domme Experience

This experience is intended to give both Mistress and sub/slave a more developed, in depth BDSM experience over an agreed amount of time without the long term commitment. It doesnt mean I am going to have sex you with - but it means that we will get to know one another more intimately and take things further than a single session may permit.

Starting of as a lifestyle Domme and and running it concurrent with my pro-practice, I have loved nothing more over the years than an ongoing D/s dalliance as have those chosen long term subs/slaves, yet have come to realise this is not always possible for everyone. This is where the Domme Lifestyle Experience, that I offer, bridges the gap.


Maybe you cannot commit for the long term yet yearn to have experiences rather than a single experience to develop trust and to develop your area of BDSM, kink or fetish? If you are unsure then booking a single session with the LDE in mind is always acceptable. 

What Mistress can offer for the base tribute of 1k is:

3 sessions of BDSM play.

3 meets for lunch, dinner, tea, one club night,

Contact by email and/or phone - that suits us both time wise - obsessive texting/calling/emailing is forbidden: for a definition of obsessive just google the word.

Is there a time span? This is something I will readily consider, regarding your availability or limits, with discussion. 

Contact Mistress via the contact page HERE if interested - still using the required information requested but with your proposal included.

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