Punish Your

Cheating Husband

The only thing worse than a husband is a cheating husband   

These sessions are for cheated on and put upon wives/partners  who wish to get the truth out of their untruthful partners; for those who seek physical and/or psychological revenge and also for husbands/partnrs who wish to atone by confessing and taking what is due.

What I am interested in as a Domme is making the male subjugate.  I do not hate males but merely think they have a place and a use. I believe they must right their wrongs. I believe too many woman are lied to, cheated on, taken for granted to extreme extents and quite frankly taken for doormats and so with this in mind I offer you the wife the chance to either join Me or instruct Me to extract the truth, exact punishment and/or psychologically re-programme your husband. 

Enquire now via My contact page here and find the resolve that therapy and wishful thinking never could.