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Willing or forced

Cruel Consultant

Wicked Nurse

Concerned Therapist

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brainwashing/mind control +breath play+castration enactment (fantasy) + catheter proceduresCBT & genital correction

dental examinations + depilatorydouble Domme medical + electro therapy (E-Stim/violet wand/tens) + experimentation 

incontinence (nappy applications) play + intoxications + mummification

needle play+restraining + sedation +sounding+speculum play



All round corrections are the name of my surgery day so to speak. With safety and hygiene first and foremost you WILL come out a better subject.


The surgery is an enclosed dedicated medical area off the main studio boasting a hydraulic white medical chair, rubber flooring and ample storage for the medical equipment - all in the style of a modern surgical clinic. 

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