LASTLY: On first contact include the following:

a polite introduction


how you define yourself e.g. sub/slave/sissy & so on 

your areas of interests

your limits/phobias

a brief history/experience

and your availability

and I will take you from there.

Email: Using the above box  or mssadiest(at)     

Tel: 07482 587 098 

Contact The Cruel Adventuress​


WHERE: I conduct my sessions in Central London West, W2, within My own, private, elegant and bewitching studio Dominion

Dinner and session combinations are possible, dinner alone is possible, as is tea, handovers, stalking etc.,


VISITS: I travel with My suitcase of perverse curiosities within London as well as further afield & internationally if duly tempted.

TRIBUTE: the more hours you book the less the tribute per hour.


A deposit or tribute in full is required via card or bank transfer/deposit - this is because of time and wasters of it and to show your genuineness. 

WHEN: Forward planning is best but I can at times do same day sessions (which carry a two hour minimum upfront).​ Email is the first port of call as answering the phone is not viable in the world of an independent Domme. Text is the next option however you still need to apply with the required info. 


Mistress loves to double Domme with known & new Mistresses. There is also at times a chance to double Domme with Mistress & Mistress In Training (click here)


If you have a service to offer Mistress which is on Her slave trader page, such as shopping, cleaning, decorating visit the page Here


1. I indulge in many fetishisms & activities EXCEPT, personal services (sex in any form), unclothed face sitting, hard sports & wrestling. 1.1 No one touches Mistress - She doesnt like it, Saying that I have been known to get a slave or two in a half or full nelson from time to time.

2. I do NOT expect anyone to lead the session except myself - you may tell Me your needs at the first point of contact then on receipt of the deposit you may send a script or go into fine detail via email/phone. Alternatively or additionally an interview can be had before the session commences.

3. Polite masochists & fetishists who do not define as submissive or slave are also accepted but they and all must bear in mind that I am a Dominatrix & not a with a hooker with a whip.

4. I expect you to present yourself sober and clean.


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