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Some say I've unusual looks, others say I am stunning, whatever your take know that foremost I am a natural Domme - through and through. 


English by both nationality and heritage (heritage - white English/black Caribbean) my skin is of a soft subtle yellow hue, my hair long and raven but mostly worn up.


I am tallish at 5'8, (6’3 in my killer heels) sophisticated and slim (but not fragile) with a slender neck and prominent collar bones.


Well-toned, I possess prowess, presence and poise.


A classic air about my person, my accent is cut glass English/RP and I love nothing more than being a snob but am prone to bouts of common behaviour from time to time. Educated, thoughtful and cultured I can also be irrepressibly ignorant, close minded and too closely focused when I choose; which of course works well being a Dominatrix.


I am frequently told that I look evil, stern and/or unapproachable -a true ice Queen- some people are just born with it I suppose...

I've an extensive wardrobe from latex, to leather, smart suits to historic costumes to trashy bodystockings. And I love shoes and gloves too!

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