One Mistress -Many Facets

'Once lost - a female descendant of the Queen of Bohemia & a Dark Nevisian slave; a suffragette; Joan of Arc; Boadicea;  I am now most certainly found and here to claim by rights that which is mine - power!

Cold, remote and aloof (if I choose to break the ice then lively conversation may ensue) or a dry wit with an authoritative classic air about Her person, whenever you may be in My presence I am first and foremost both a true Domme and a natural sadist. In private - woe-betide you My potential slut.'

                                                             Mistress Sadie Of London, 2006

Now returned as The Cruel Adventuress (since 2017), Mistress believes in as much as reinvention as she does in devotion to Her place as a Dominatrix. Play hard, play hard...


A cruel welcome to Her online domain, peruse; and maybe Mistress will soon come to peruse you.

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