Being a Domintrix is My calling; and if your calling is as a sub, slave or masochist and you are here reading these words then you have taken a crucial step to meeting The Cruel Adventuress and seeing out those dark desires that have lead you here thus far.

As a professional Domme I have an intention to give you the experience you need using the self tools of My craft - My mind, intuition, looks, energy and experience. Of course the tools (equipment) within My studio are used too, if needed and they usually, gratefully are.



Considering and planning before the session the potential sub/slave's experience and approach and then working it all into a memorable session is standard operation but then, as you will find, the session will be so much higher than standard.

Enjoy the site, peruse it and with the correct approach, as set out on the contact page, you can expect a same day reply. 

Cruel love,


'I am still breathless from our encounter last week - you contributed so much more than I ever expected. The fact that you were wicked, funny, intelligent and beautiful made it all the more amazing.'


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