Being a Dominatrix is My calling; and if your calling is as a sub, slave or masochist and you are here reading these words then you have taken a crucial step to meeting The Cruel Adventuress and seeing out those dark desires that have lead you here thus far.

As a professional Domme I have an intention to give you the experience you need using the self tools of My craft - My mind, intuition, looks, energy and experience. Of course the tools (equipment) within My studio are used too, if needed and they usually, gratefully are.



Considering and planning before the session the potential sub/slave's experience and approach and then working it all into a memorable session is standard operation but then, as you will find, the session will be so much higher than standard.

Aside from the site menu along the top there is a drop down menu under 'More' - something for everyone perhaps not but there will be something for the many submissives, slaves, fetishists, vengeful wives & even male Doms (double sessions with female subs).


Enjoy the site, peruse it and with the correct approach, as set out on the contact page, you can expect a same day reply. 

Cruel love,


'I am still breathless from our encounter last week - you contributed so much more than I ever expected. The fact that you were wicked, funny, intelligent and beautiful made it all the more amazing.'



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